All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

87.34%_match: Graciela Sacco "Tensíon Admisible - El Otro Lado", 2014

87.84%_match: Omar Hassan "Sea", 2015

90.61%_match: Garo Antreasian "Bangkok Holiday", 2005

87.52%_match: Julian Stanczak "Modular A, B, C, D, E, ", 1981

90.93%_match: Akiko Ida & Pierre Javelle (Minimiam) "Embouteillage", Date unknown

87.73%_match: Jean Koumy "Albatros", 2003

89.57%_match: Howard Schatz "Underwater Study #1335", Date unknown

85.87%_match: Lola "The Grass is Green", 2017

88.44%_match: Anish Kapoor "Green Shadow, Untitled 4", 2011

91.86%_match: Allison Rufrano "Untitled", Date unknown

85.95%_match: John Phillip Abbott "Green 1975", 2015

87.99%_match: Susan Kleinberg "Kairos II", Date unknown

88.71%_match: Halim Al-Karim "Hidden Theme (From Hidden Series)", 1995

90.80%_match: Stephen Mallon "-260 (minus 260)", Date unknown

88.25%_match: Karl Benjamin "#10, 1980", 1980

87.46%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

86.90%_match: Ross Bleckner "Untitled", Date unknown

88.67%_match: Dirk Salz "#2055", 2015

87.97%_match: Doris Chase "Wood Collage #10", 1991

92.44%_match: Edward Quist "Glyph Triptych", 2012

87.53%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018

90.28%_match: Lisa Solberg "MLSL_11_Bunny", 2015

89.47%_match: Jiang Pengyi "Intimacy No.5", 2014

89.20%_match: Adam Straus "Winter: Black & Grey", 2013

89.34%_match: Angelika Markul "Excavations of the Future", 2015

89.02%_match: Mark Dion "Scheme of the Field Investigation 1986-2003: The Representation of Nature", 3

88.38%_match: Anish Kapoor "03 from Moiré ", 2015

90.71%_match: The Limbourg Brothers "The Belles Heures of Jean de France, duc de Berry", 1409

93.80%_match: João Louro "“Blind Image #100”", 2005

89.29%_match: Laercio Redondo "Le Corbusier, 1936 (In reality, the city of Rio does not exist yet)", 2014

88.94%_match: Marietta Patricia Leis "Moonless Balm", 2014

88.22%_match: Patrick Chamberlain "Milk, Eggs, Vanilla", 2015

92.26%_match: Richard Serra "Weight II", 2009

92.26%_match: Richard Serra "Weight II", 2009

90.46%_match: Leo Villareal "Dark Matrix", 2008

92.34%_match: Wang Yi 王一 "Overlapping-2017", 2017

89.66%_match: Imanol Marrodán "E.L 17. 2006", 2006

90.60%_match: James Welling "IG10", 2005

91.57%_match: Gabriel Lester "Shell Shovelers", 2015

91.99%_match: Luciana Lamothe "Untitled", 2013

93.33%_match: Jules Olitski "Graphic Suite I (Mauve/Blue)", 1970

98.43%_match: Manit Sriwanichpoom "King Rama IX", 2014

92.38%_match: New Catalogue [Luke Batten & Jonathan Sadler] "Color Theory for the Economist Sarkozy's Disappointing First Year ", 2008

83.84%_match: Edward Ruscha "Los Angeles Tap Water from Stains", 9