All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

92.58%_match: Marco Angolo del Moro "Design for a Ceiling with a Woman (Aurora?) in a Chariot and Putti (Recto). Design for an Ornamental Frieze (Verso).", 1586

87.05%_match: Liao Fei 廖斐 "Perspective: slope ", 2016

88.38%_match: Victoria Fu "Untitled (photogram)", 2013

89.34%_match: Rob Hay "No. 69", 2010

90.58%_match: Ding Musa "Série limite", 2017

88.40%_match: F&D Cartier "Veni Etiam 2298 v", 2010

90.65%_match: Kyle Thompson "Untitled", 2012

91.16%_match: Josef Albers "Study for Homage to the Square", 1968

86.45%_match: Rebecca Horn "Tailleur de Coeur", 8

85.29%_match: Dan Rees "Shaker Peg Painting", 2013

85.42%_match: Jakob Gasteiger "untitled", 2013

88.79%_match: Doug Ohlson "The Blue of Arab Doors", 1980

89.93%_match: John Meyer "Forman Diptych 1 (Black-Black)", 1989

89.40%_match: Axel Crieger "Kiss Me No5", Date unknown

90.99%_match: Jannemarein Renout "SCAN2400 - scan 142 ‘Time to take shelter’ (9 June 2015 11:31 AM) ", 2015

90.66%_match: Steve Fitch "Motel, Raton, New Mexico", 1980

89.97%_match: Reine Paradis "Chairs", 2017

89.05%_match: Gary Csuk "One Way Out", 2015

88.52%_match: Johl Dwyer "Should", 2015

87.06%_match: Unidentified Artist "元 佚名 蓮花圖 軸|Lotus and waterbirds", 1310

88.96%_match: Charlie Billingham "Bum 15", 2015

87.45%_match: Fernando Cuétara "Harmony No. 4", 2016

93.00%_match: Vikenti Komitski "Beauty Is Not About The Way Things Look", 2014

89.59%_match: Anne-Karin Furunes "Portrait of Pictures IX", 2013

90.44%_match: Julian Stanczak "Duality in System", 1982

90.88%_match: Thomas Schütte "Low Tide Wandering No. 73 (Wattwanderung No. 73) from Low Tide Wandering (Wattwanderung)", 1

93.18%_match: Richard Serra "Double Rift I", 2012

93.03%_match: Wade Guyton "Untitled", 8

90.27%_match: Edward Finnegan "(Constellation series)", 2006

83.94%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

89.54%_match: Crista Pisano "Winter, New England", 2012

83.21%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

87.04%_match: Marc Chagall "St. Germain-des Prés, from: Derrière le Miroir", 1954

90.88%_match: Edouard Wolton "Météore", 2015

90.72%_match: Jill Magid "I Can Burn Your Face: Vincent IV", 2008

94.44%_match: Ibrahim Abusitta "Film still "Dreamscape Window" ", 2015

85.13%_match: Kimberly Genevieve "Glitter Ice Cream Blue", 2017

90.37%_match: Tapio Wirkkala in Mid-20th C. "Two Vases, Finland", Date unknown

87.54%_match: Julian Stanczak "Sectional (A, B, C, D, E) ", 1981

92.56%_match: Angela Bulloch "Night Sky: Aquarius Pegasus. 12, 2012", Date unknown

89.53%_match: Richard Serra "Television Delivers People", 3

89.10%_match: Geert van Fastenhout "Painting No. 5 - 1988", 1988

90.47%_match: IvanovStoeva "aisthesis", 2015

90.36%_match: Damon Hyldreth "Knot #69", Date unknown