All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

92.35%_match: Ni Youyu 倪有鱼 "Invisible Force", 2015

89.37%_match: Imi Knoebel "Ich mit ihm 2", 2013

87.21%_match: Anish Kapoor "Green Shadow, Untitled 4", 2011

87.64%_match: Nick Terry "Untitled", 2013

87.22%_match: Keira Kotler "Blue Meditation [I Look for Light]", 2013

86.76%_match: Isabella Kohlhuber "untitled", 2016

89.66%_match: Sol LeWitt "Untitled (from the 4 x 4 portfolio)", 1991

92.50%_match: Clément Cogitore "L'INTERVALLE DE RÉSONANCE", 2016

90.19%_match: Nejat Sati "Structure Series", 2013

87.17%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

90.98%_match: Wang Yi 王一 "Overlapping-Slash 2016-3", 2016

87.28%_match: Mark Khaisman "Tape Noir 65 / 66", 2012

88.69%_match: Michael Dailey "Seascape", 1982

92.57%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Couleur Additive Denise A", 2007

89.08%_match: Hubertus Hamm "Papierwald", 2016

90.52%_match: Sultan Muhammad Nur|Mahmud Muzahhib|Shaikh Zada|Nizami (Ilyas Abu Muhammad Nizam al-Din of Ganja) "Overflap and Inside Cover of a Khamsa (Quintet) of Nizami", 1550

89.36%_match: José Pedro Croft "Sem Título", 2014

90.93%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation #9", 2016

91.65%_match: Andrew Chapman "Looking at Space with a Hammer", 2014

91.73%_match: Lindsey Landfried "Across", 2016

90.49%_match: Lin Ke 林科 "Once", 2016

87.60%_match: Olia Lialina "My Boyfriend Came Back from the War", 1996

83.25%_match: Karl Benjamin "#10", 1978

93.45%_match: I-Chen Kuo "Snap shadow", 2013

83.47%_match: Graham Fagen "War / Garden (American)", 2017

88.55%_match: Joseph Kosuth "No Number #14 (Not on color/green)", 1991

88.74%_match: J. Margulis "French Squares", 2016

89.15%_match: Daniel Tsal "Green", 2014

89.27%_match: Johl Dwyer "Emeral", 2015

91.62%_match: Judy Chicago "Morning Fan, from Fresno Fans", 1971

89.04%_match: Kate Shepherd "Pirate Jenny", 2016

91.38%_match: Anne-Karin Furunes "Portrait from Archives / I", 2016

94.80%_match: Imanol Marrodán "Untitled", 2006