All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

91.11%_match: Alphonse Bertillon "Adnet. Clotilde. 19 ans, née en décembre 74 à Argentant (Orne). Brodeuse. Anarchiste. Fichée le 7/1/94.", 1894

89.03%_match: Maurizio Nannucci "What to feel what not to feel", 2017

88.82%_match: Lizhu Chen "Resurrection 201312015", 2013

88.68%_match: Roger Sayre "Lullaby of Sprint", 2013

87.84%_match: Birgir Andrésson "Horse Portrait (He is fairly large...)", 2005

87.66%_match: Shingo Francis "Veil (turquoise-violet)", 2015

86.09%_match: Mori Sosen "Untitled", 1899

88.45%_match: Susan Sills "AFTER GAUGUIN NAFEA FAA IPPIPO", Date unknown

86.07%_match: Oliver Marsden "Turquoise Green Fade OMS 590", 2016

91.37%_match: Phil Chang "Untitled (Purple Monochrome)", 2015

84.75%_match: Tiffany & Co. "Fork", 1878

81.92%_match: Félix Lazo "[989] Autopoietic System unique Print 03", 2016

89.72%_match: Kenji Shibata "392540396", 2014

90.60%_match: Jean-François Millet "Two Women Sewing by Lamplight", 1858

91.13%_match: Fabio Barile "Simulation of a landslide in darkroom with sand, developer and chromogenic paper. N°2", 2015

91.93%_match: Charles Gute "@mmmooorrggaannn from the series "Random Tweets Reformatted as Telgrams"", 2014

89.13%_match: Ashin "Dear Box", 2010

92.51%_match: Sophia Wallace "Until She Is Free", 2016

88.23%_match: Marcy Rosenblat "Orange midriff", 2015

90.60%_match: Ayanda Mabulu "Fuck the Motherland ", 2016

90.48%_match: Victor Vasarely "WOO 75", 1975

87.26%_match: Ya-Lun Tao "Membrane of light 3", 2009

88.79%_match: Phil Chang "Untitled (Purple Monochrome)", 2015

86.62%_match: Susan Schwalb "Aurora #30", 2012

91.01%_match: Fiona Banner in 1992-2012 "Intermission", Date unknown

88.80%_match: Nils Nova "Projected Area-V", 2015

90.29%_match: Unknown "[Man Whittling a Stick]", 1855

84.17%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

86.73%_match: Graham Sutherland "Village", 5

86.59%_match: Ettore Spalletti "Parole di colore, azzurro", 2011

87.23%_match: Kim Hyun Sik "who likes violet?", 2016

94.07%_match: Robert Ryman "Untitled from Six Aquatints", 5

86.81%_match: Thomas Ruff "em.phg.03", 2013

88.20%_match: Rhys Hecox "Untitled No. 2 (from Passing, 2016)", 2016

87.66%_match: Diego Mendoza Imbachi "From the series La poética de las sombras", 2016

90.45%_match: Cig Harvey "Red Curtain ", 2016

89.80%_match: Jan Kollwitz "Kyozutsu (Sutra scroll container)", Date unknown

88.23%_match: Lino Tagliapietra "FENICE", 2016

84.59%_match: Alexander Jackson Davis "A. J. Davis, Scrapbook II [Folio P or "Blue Book"]", 1892

86.76%_match: Maud Morgan "Untitled (blue, green, white)", 1970

89.79%_match: Heinz Mack "Gitter-Fenster (Chromatische Konstellation) ", 2015

89.45%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

86.22%_match: CHOU Ching-Hui "Animal Farm #10", 2014

88.88%_match: Pello Irazu "Patinir II, 2013", Date unknown

89.58%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

88.41%_match: Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) "Seated Old Man with Right Arm Upraised (Tithonus) (recto); Seated Nude Youth (figure of Day) (verso)", 1621

94.01%_match: Anna Maria Maiolino "Untitled, from Codificações Matericas series", 1995

89.11%_match: Taek Sang Kim "Breathing Light - Purple in Violet", 2017

87.74%_match: Félix Lazo "[989] Autopoietic System unique Print 03", 2016

92.22%_match: Arin Rungjang "Russamee Rungjang", 2009

89.73%_match: Tapp Francke "Fuschia Fandango", Date unknown