All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

93.00%_match: Olivia Munroe "Histories", 2012

91.74%_match: Alexander Lieck "Untitled (Zunge/Langue)", 2009

91.57%_match: Viktor Farro "The Splintered Cross", 2017

85.70%_match: Aung Ko "Diary #3", 2017

87.22%_match: Aldo Grazzi "Untitled", Date unknown

88.20%_match: Jonathan Lewis "See Candy: Cella Cherry", 2001

88.61%_match: Zachary Formwalt "Unsupported Transit", 2011

90.05%_match: Philip Pocock "Or Let Me Be Silent", 1991

88.66%_match: Andrew Moore "Locomotive Workers' Theater, Ulan Ude", 2003

94.59%_match: Thomas Wachholz "YELLOW 0/0/100/0", 2015

87.83%_match: Christoph Schmidberger "Boy in Nature", 2012

86.02%_match: Joseph Beuys "Celtic", 1971

90.01%_match: Christiane Baumgartner "Gelände IV", 2010

88.35%_match: Ian Davenport "Etched Colourfall 10", 2011

87.44%_match: Rob Zinn "Viscosity M, Sorbet", Date unknown

92.65%_match: Julio Le Parc in 1971/2001 "Edizione Valmore", Date unknown

87.77%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

89.55%_match: Len Harris "Pensive", Date unknown

85.46%_match: Fernando Velázquez "from the series mindscapes, *0001", 2017

93.84%_match: Govinda Sah 'Azad' "The Shadow is Darker than Black", 2014

85.02%_match: Dinh Hao Truong "Cycle of Lunar Calendar", 1994

86.37%_match: Curtis Anderson "No Smoking Gun", 2016

83.98%_match: Fausto Fernandez "Phone Screen Text Message of a Mexican Girl in Miami #2", 2017

88.17%_match: Sol LeWitt "Brushstrokes: Horizontal and Vertical (Vertical) ", 1996

88.46%_match: Julian Stanczak "Dimensional", 1972

88.83%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Physichromie 1491", 2007

90.65%_match: Peter Gronquist "Fuzzy Logic", Date unknown

89.65%_match: Lisa Levy "The Thoughts in My Head #26: It Sucks", Date unknown

85.00%_match: David Hockney "Rumpelstiltskin", 1962

91.99%_match: Malena Pizani "Algo Concreto", 2016

92.89%_match: Ayesha Jatoi "Untitled II", 2007

90.77%_match: Andrea Boyer "B/N 1", 2016

89.78%_match: José María Yturralde "Postludio (YT-07-100)", 2007

87.39%_match: August Muth "Trace of the Traceless", 2015

89.08%_match: Alastair Whitton "Book XI (Atlas of the World I)", 2014

89.18%_match: Richard Prince "Untitled (Fayy), from the Entertainers series", 1982

92.12%_match: Hugh Scott-Douglas "Untitled", 2014

89.02%_match: Sol LeWitt "Untitled", 4

93.09%_match: Eva Schlegel "Untitled (243)", 2016

90.93%_match: Chris Levine "Light is Love", 2003

91.69%_match: herman de vries "from earth: gomera whites", Date unknown

86.99%_match: Ally White "Chameleon", 2017

85.05%_match: Tommy Nease "Torre", 2016

89.57%_match: Chris Burden "The Rise and Fall of Western Industrialism as Seen Through the Automobile", 5

90.41%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Yellow 11-15-17", 2015

85.87%_match: Jules Olitski "Female Shiver", 1965

92.34%_match: Jason Karolak "Untitled (P-1602", Date unknown

87.15%_match: Maria Morganti "Sedimentazione 2006 #53, Venezia", 2006

91.93%_match: James Turrell "Untitled", Date unknown

87.81%_match: Gary Hume "Graved", 2017

86.47%_match: Edwina Leapman "With Pink", 2013

89.57%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018