All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

87.71%_match: Mikhail Roginsky "Pink-lilac bottles", 1978

87.20%_match: Vera Molnar "Brêches", 2012

89.31%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

88.89%_match: İDİL İLKİN "Rovaniemi", 2015

88.97%_match: Lisa Levy "The Thoughts in My Head #21: Nostalgia", Date unknown

87.39%_match: Olivo Barbieri in 2006-2007 "The Waterfall Project (OB-TAV XXIII, TWP, Iguazu, Argentina / Brazil) ", Date unknown

93.10%_match: Cynthia Ann Miro "Living in Twilight", 2016

91.08%_match: Mohammed Omar Khalil in 1989-90 "Petra IV", Date unknown

92.25%_match: Sergio Lucena "Pintura N° 15", 2011

88.83%_match: Hans Broek "West End", 2015

87.84%_match: Cecilia Biagini "Relation of production, diptych", 2012

89.48%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

85.00%_match: Peter Arnell "Ginza", 2013

88.93%_match: Joanne Freeman "Space 17 Summer 13", 2017

94.63%_match: Brice Marden "Grove Group I", 2

84.51%_match: Jonathan Forrest "Blue Point", 2017

88.94%_match: Tom Burrows "Bernifal", Date unknown

86.67%_match: Sheila Hicks "Wall-Hanging", 2

93.05%_match: Wolfgang Werkmeister "Selbstbildnis", 1971

87.84%_match: Pierre Dorion "Red Corner", Date unknown

87.37%_match: Nejat Sati "Structure Series", 2013

86.43%_match: Hamish Fulton "Mountain Skyline: A 21 Day Walking Journey Via the Tops of Seven Small Engadin Mountains Switzerland Summer", 2007

93.82%_match: Adel Abidin "Three Love Songs", 2010

90.52%_match: Monica Zeringue "And yet I cannot go", 2015

91.46%_match: John Wilcox "Trying", 1996

91.14%_match: Zheng Huan "Rainbow", 2014

89.36%_match: Shannon Finley "Warp Field", 2015

93.49%_match: Susan Schwalb "Harmonizations I", 2015

95.91%_match: Barnett Newman "Vir Heroicus Sublimis", 1950

85.77%_match: Nejat Sati "Untitled", 2013

92.45%_match: Henry Codax "Untitled (Golden)", 2016

91.94%_match: Manuel Geerinck "Untitled PH 1507", 2007

89.62%_match: Jessica Hess "The Sunset II", 2013

87.99%_match: Heimo Zobernig "Untitled (HZ 2011 - 077)", 2011

86.67%_match: Dale Frank "Sitting in his new twin cab ute in the Barrington Tops National Park he took the whole bottle of pills", 2014

89.97%_match: Rinko Kawauchi "Untitled, from the portfolio 4%", 2013

90.08%_match: Jason Salavon "Chalkboard Gag", 2016

87.09%_match: José María Yturralde "Postludio (YT-07-100)", 2007

90.15%_match: Liam Gillick "FIVE OF WANDS, 2015 From the series "Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project" Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Print Collection", Date unknown

95.39%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

94.47%_match: Barbara Kruger "Untitled", 5

86.81%_match: Paolo Cavinato in 2013-2015 "Interior Projections #9", Date unknown

88.28%_match: Benedikt Leonhardt "UNTITLED (WF-B-QM/V-4) ", 2016

86.38%_match: David Serisier "Untitled Yellow and Yellow Green Painting", 2010

92.36%_match: Tracey Emin "Love Is What You Want", 2015

91.46%_match: Susan Vecsey "Untitled (Black and White Series III)", 2016

92.88%_match: Andy Warhol "Flash - November 22, 1963 (See F. & S. II.35)", 1968

94.79%_match: Yves Klein "IKB74", 1958