All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

90.41%_match: Henry Codax "Untitled (Green)", 2016

96.38%_match: leo peschta "17:40 - 18:40", Date unknown

86.73%_match: Joan Artigas Planas "Small cube move III haute", 2016

90.66%_match: Ron English "Cow Corpse", 2012

87.10%_match: Mathieu Mercier "Untiled (Pantone 104M)", 2014

92.69%_match: leo peschta "17:40 - 18:40", Date unknown

87.71%_match: Hishikawa Moronobu "ぶんしやう物語|The Tale of Bunshō (Bunshō monogatari)", 1695

83.34%_match: Richard Garet "percepetual series, star", 2015

87.32%_match: Omar Hassan "Eight Injections of Colour", 2015

89.40%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Inducción Cromática a Doble Frequencia - 7EBC", 2013

89.07%_match: Marsha Cottrell "Untitled (5:04:16pm)", 2017

88.89%_match: Emigre Inc., Rudy VanderLans, Zuzana Licko "Emigre 68, American Mutt Barks in the Yard", 5

92.30%_match: Pietro Roccasalva "Imprimitura (D'Apres Giacomo Balla, Mercurio transita davanti al sole)", 2016

90.39%_match: Piero Pizzi Cannella "Nottambulo", 2007

82.11%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

89.94%_match: Diego Mendoza Imbachi "From the series La poética de las sombras", 2016

87.90%_match: Takashi Murakami "Three works: (i) Date Painting (1957.6.1); (ii) Date Painting (1982.11.12); (iii) Date Painting (1956.12.11)", 1993

86.79%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

92.29%_match: Henry Codax "Untitled (Green)", 2016

87.10%_match: Friedrich Olivier "The Good Shepherd; verso: Cloud Studies", 1859

91.00%_match: Deborah Kass "OY", 2011

92.61%_match: Richard Prince "Next Up", 2010

88.95%_match: Brian Eno "3 Fields", 2016

91.32%_match: Pietro Roccasalva "Imprimitura (D'Apres Giacomo Balla, Mercurio transita davanti al sole)", 2016

90.69%_match: Ligyung "More Light", 2012

88.46%_match: J. Margulis "French Squares", 2016

88.20%_match: Louis Comfort Tiffany|Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company "Vase", 1903

94.55%_match: Richard Serra "Ballast III", 2011

87.73%_match: Donald Evans "Gnostis. 1957. Natural phenomena", 1972