All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

91.73%_match: Andréanne Godin "Untitled II, from The Paths of Resistance series", 2017

92.16%_match: Nanki Otokoyama "Untitled", 1860

90.98%_match: Sarah Brayer "Coming Into Light", 2017

83.62%_match: John Romer "Candlestick (one of a set of eight)", 1769

87.07%_match: Utagawa Yoshitora "Untitled", 1860

90.25%_match: John Brosio "The Edge of Town No. 2", 2016

89.17%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

91.03%_match: Casey Matthews "Untitled", 2016

85.54%_match: Anish Kapoor "Shadow III 3", 2016

88.69%_match: Detanico Lain "Quanta Cor, Bleu", 2016

92.23%_match: Ethel Walker "Winter Mountain, Glencoe", 2017

86.31%_match: Ruth Asawa "Chair", 5

90.22%_match: Umberto Mariani "Senza titolo", 2017

93.08%_match: Rachel Valdes "Composición Infinita", 2015

89.55%_match: Cai Guo-Qiang in October 5-2013 "One Night Stand: An Explosion Event for Nuit Blanche", Date unknown

85.06%_match: Keith Haring "Growing #1", 1988

87.46%_match: Tatiana Kronberg "Untitled (Frustration Would Have Presence As Its Figure)", 2016

87.78%_match: Bradley Harms "Simple X (lt. green perm)", 2014

86.90%_match: Scot Heywood "Double Edge - Red, Yellow, Blue ", 2008

88.73%_match: Justin Mott "A portrait of a Hmong girl in the northern province of Ha Giang, Vietnam.", Date unknown

86.79%_match: Armin Amirian "A'ar 01", 2015

91.03%_match: Wang Yefu "地平线那边-自然系列之三 Yonder by the horizon-natural series NO.3", 2014

87.63%_match: Keith Haring "Icons (3 Eyed Face)", 1990

90.05%_match: Michael Gregory "Untitled", 2015

93.60%_match: Richard Serra "Double Level III", 2013

90.10%_match: Carsten Nicolai "Chroma wellenform (Scan 35)", 2015

91.15%_match: Angelo Mangiarotti "Spiral Hanging Lamp", 1974

91.16%_match: Susan Schwalb "Quartet #4", 2016

97.92%_match: John Stezaker "Crossing XX", 2012

92.77%_match: Kim In Chyul (김인철) "Dot Layer", 2014

86.73%_match: Bastienne Schmidt "Untitled, Topos", 2013

87.32%_match: Shiba Kōkan "Untitled", 1803

89.07%_match: Isabella Kohlhuber "Untitled", 2016

89.20%_match: Ulla Rauter "Tacet - Stillemelder", 2012

88.07%_match: Celina Eceiza "Serie ¿donde esta la hora? . Dibujos de obra sonora para esculturas", 2015

91.84%_match: Ligyung "More Light", 2012

88.57%_match: Regina Vater in 2005-2010 "Úlcera Soberana", Date unknown

87.07%_match: Steven Parrino "Untitled", 1983

84.13%_match: Veronica Bailey "Truths Illustrated", 2007

86.79%_match: Magnus Plessen "Nachtraum II", 1999

92.11%_match: Luis Tomasello "Objet Plastique No. 897", 2008

88.18%_match: Hanna Haaslahti "Dirty", 2017

88.83%_match: Henry Codax "Untitled (Hot Pink)", 2012

87.32%_match: Earl Moran in 1930-1940 "Smooth", Date unknown

90.96%_match: Mona Kuhn "Doppelgänger", 2009

89.58%_match: John Ruppert in 2012-2013 "Black Lake, Orange Sky / Kleifarvatn", Date unknown

95.48%_match: Wade Guyton "Untitled", 8

97.14%_match: Lauren Baker "Just Kiss Me, We Can Talk Later", Date unknown

90.60%_match: Joseph Kosuth "No Number #14 (Not on color/green)", 1991

85.80%_match: Brian Duggan "Atmospheric, Underground, Exoatmospheric, Underwater. Baker, (Crossroads) 11.59°N 165.50°E, NE Lagoon, Bikini Atol,Republic of the Marshall Islands, July 24, 1946.", 2016

94.22%_match: Felix Gonzalez-Torres "Untitled (Billboard Project)", 1989

90.89%_match: Hélio Oiticica "Red Monochrome", 9

93.11%_match: Friederike von Rauch "ROOSENBERG 16", 2015

89.45%_match: William Crozier "The Blue Mirror", 2007

90.98%_match: Taek Sang Kim "Breathing light-red breeze", 2016

94.03%_match: Julio Le Parc in 1966-2005 "Cloison à lames réfléchissantes", Date unknown

87.13%_match: Christiane Richter "No Title", 2013

89.09%_match: Lori Hersberger "STAY", 2003

91.16%_match: Janet Bellotto "Finding Atlantis", 2006

91.15%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

84.09%_match: Anish Kapoor "Green Shadow, Untitled 4", 2011

87.65%_match: Jan Brož + Barbora Kleinhamplová "More Than Lovers, More Than Friends ", 2016

87.29%_match: Justin Mott "A portrait of a Hmong girl in the northern province of Ha Giang, Vietnam.", Date unknown

86.64%_match: Károly Keserü "Untitled", 2016

90.37%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018

88.91%_match: Bernadette Jiyong Frank "Void/Emergence-Diptych (Crimson, teal, ultramarine)", 2014

87.39%_match: Reine Paradis "Chairs", 2017

91.40%_match: Alejandro Londoño "Ojotsk, Siberia", 2017

80.33%_match: Molly Soda "She Said "What" And I Told Her That I Didn't Know", 2017