All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

87.87%_match: Pierrick Sorin "Aquatic choregraphy", 2010

82.30%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

92.06%_match: Regina Vater in 2005-2010 "Úlcera Soberana", Date unknown

85.02%_match: Daniele Buetti "Does time dance with memories", 2003

88.54%_match: Pablo Picasso "Torero et Jeune Femme from "Le Carmen des Carmen"", 1964

82.92%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

91.77%_match: Flavio Samelo "Compo gdppdedg", 2015

90.00%_match: Sergio Lucena "Nibiro Suit #2", 2015

83.74%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

88.64%_match: Carlo Battaglia "Visionario", 1968

90.51%_match: Anne-Sarah Le Meur "Jaune_bleui_24", 2012

87.29%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

88.82%_match: Prudencio Irazabal "Untitled #72N", 2015

86.89%_match: Kenneth Licht in 1960-1979 "Geometric Painting", Date unknown

91.47%_match: Michael Toole "Corridor", 2017

91.77%_match: Joseph Kosuth "No Number #14 (Not on color/green)", 1991

89.67%_match: Guillaume Zuili "Shadow", 2017

88.49%_match: R. Luke DuBois "Synaesthetic Object (Birds)", 2004

90.19%_match: Charles Alston "Untitled (Abstract Figures)", 1949

90.26%_match: Kim Hyun Sik "Who likes K orange?", 2016

89.16%_match: Yves Ullens "Square Variation #1 1-1", 2015

89.15%_match: Kate Shepherd "Thumbelina's Architect (notch)", 2016

94.45%_match: Seth Cameron "No. 1", 2017

92.01%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Physichromie", 1983

87.73%_match: Francis Baudevin "Ohne Titel (+)", 2016

92.41%_match: Willys de Castro "Estudo para Objeto ativo", 1959

89.94%_match: Edouard Wolton "Blue Radiation", 2016

83.27%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

90.76%_match: Seth Cameron "No 3", 2017

86.92%_match: Félix Lazo "[989]autopoieticSystem_u niquePrint_08b", 2015

86.52%_match: Ti-Rock Moore "Separate But Equal", 2015

88.72%_match: Luke Heng "Blue on Blue n°5", 2016

87.49%_match: Caroline Kryzecki "KSZ 200/152-12", 2015

87.73%_match: Greta Guzek "Finding Balance", 2017

89.98%_match: Lisa Levy "The Thoughts in My Head #6: Welcome", Date unknown

85.82%_match: Sanford Wurmfeld "II-35 + B (BG C)", 1999

90.23%_match: Anastasia Pelias "Ritual Devotion (chinese lake, geranium lake)", 2012

89.70%_match: Ross Bleckner "Untitled", Date unknown

90.69%_match: Edouard Wolton "Cartographie des lucioles", 2015

90.10%_match: Natalia Trivino "Untitled #5", 2016

88.68%_match: Glen Baxter "It certainly looked like a late De Kooning but in today's climate of uncertainty could anyone be sure?", 2009

82.09%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

86.55%_match: MAK "Blue Marilyn Triptych", 2017

84.76%_match: Domenico Battista "blue harmony", 2013

93.51%_match: New Catalogue [Luke Batten & Jonathan Sadler] "Color Theory for the Economist: America's Vulnerable Economy ", 2008

88.64%_match: Anette Haas "Chromoxidgrün. Stumpf.", 2014

87.48%_match: Reine Paradis "Chairs", 2017

88.31%_match: Chris Winfield "Untitled", 2016