All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

70.46%_match: Peter Alexander "1/17/16 (Large Red Drip) ", 2016

90.17%_match: Félix Lazo "[989] Autopoietic System unique Print 03", 2016

68.45%_match: Siyon JIN "Flow 3-4", 2012

88.86%_match: Karine Boulanger "Fire", 2015

84.70%_match: Félix Lazo "[989]autopoieticSystem_u niquePrint_10", 2014

96.02%_match: Marie Lannoo "Interference #2", 2011

69.54%_match: Daniel Tsal "Green", 2014

92.91%_match: Jean (Hans) Arp "Table of Contents from Merz 5. 7 Arpaden by Hans Arp. Arp Portfolio. Second Portfolio of the Merz Publisher (Merz 5. 7 Arpaden von Hans Arp. Arp Mappe. Zweite Mappe des Merzverlages)", 3

66.10%_match: He Wei "Psycho 37", 2016

84.93%_match: Anda Kubis "Volley 1", 2016

89.30%_match: Howard Schatz "Underwater Study #1335", Date unknown

69.65%_match: Tom Burrows "Worsted", 2017

91.93%_match: Chip Hooper "Clear Ridge, Pacific Ocean", 2012

69.51%_match: Adam Mars "1994", 2017

69.13%_match: Thierry Furger "Sgraffito 12", 2017

66.96%_match: William Turnbull "15-1965", 1965

73.61%_match: Osheen Harruthoonyan "Starlings over Ararat ", 2016

68.37%_match: Lisa Levy "The Thoughts in My Head #30: Free Spirit", Date unknown

83.17%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

91.24%_match: Liss LaFleur "You Belong to Me", 2015

69.86%_match: Luis Tomasello "Objet Plastique No. 897", 2008

84.78%_match: Jimi Gleason "Blue with Wave", 2010

90.66%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Vertical Lines #4", 2012

67.57%_match: Masuo Ikeda "For Your Secret Night, B", 6

87.47%_match: Zipora Fried "Delft Blue and Mauve", 2015

85.83%_match: Thorsten Brinkmann "Lingulemgo", 2014

87.26%_match: Boo Saville "Abstract #27", 2017

67.91%_match: Ellsworth Kelly "Train Landscape", 1953

87.04%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

67.50%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Pertubation Conflagration", 2017

71.83%_match: Fred Sandback "Untitled from Series of Twenty-two Photostats", 2

66.28%_match: Olof Inger "Source", 2015

87.27%_match: Robert Mapplethorpe "Calla Lily", 1988

65.94%_match: Mikhail Baryshnikov "Untitled #18", 2008

88.33%_match: Joana Taya "Falling Bullets", 2017

89.80%_match: Francis Baudevin "Ohne Titel (+)", 2016

91.98%_match: Marc Harrold "Underground 2", Date unknown

87.98%_match: Joani Tremblay "A Field Guide to Getting Lost", 2017

86.41%_match: Kenneth Licht in 1960-1979 "Geometric Painting", Date unknown

94.72%_match: Richard Serra "Double Level III", 2013

88.98%_match: Tim Head "Solaris 1", 2014

85.90%_match: Brian Eno "Andaman", 2017

88.80%_match: Jerzy Kubina "White Spectrum", 2016

86.61%_match: Martha Groome "Let It Lie", 2014

87.66%_match: Hideki Takahashi "Identification Back", 2014

91.64%_match: Harvey Leepa in circa 1965 "Untitled (F)", Date unknown

92.36%_match: Eduardo Kac "Untitled", Date unknown

87.91%_match: Johl Dwyer "Lemon", 2015

93.66%_match: Mark Thomas Gibson "The Revenant", 2013

90.37%_match: Tali Amitai-Tabib "Untitled, Concert Halls", Date unknown