All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

89.15%_match: Jeff Kallet "Tampa Nugget", 2015

90.03%_match: Eliza Thomas "Surrender", 2014

91.41%_match: Marlen Letetzki "Untitled", 2016

90.07%_match: Almandrade in 1991-2017 "To see and not to see", Date unknown

89.00%_match: Antonin Fourneau "Waterlight Graffiti", Date unknown

87.51%_match: The Dufala Brothers "Brass Boy", 2007

91.57%_match: Ray Geary ""Love "", 2013

92.26%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation #11", 2016

95.29%_match: Zoyt "Goldbeck Grazie I", 2010

90.74%_match: Michael Scott "Untitled #100", 2013

88.94%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Forked (Diagonal Green)", 2012

90.73%_match: Tanija and Graham Carr "Untitled 2006/1", 2014

89.71%_match: Karlos Pérez "Anetrope", 2011

91.05%_match: Barbara Kruger "Untitled", 5

90.30%_match: Boo Saville "Abstract #8", 2016

90.13%_match: Barbara Kolo "1120", 2016

90.30%_match: Keira Kotler "Blue Meditation [I Look for Light]", 2013

91.53%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

89.49%_match: Zefrey Throwell "14.41 inches (May 2015)", 2015

89.17%_match: Deanna Sirlin "What I Know Now", 2017

87.03%_match: Su Yi "PH-Strip Framework", 2015

89.91%_match: Magdalena Nałęcz "Delights Gardens V", 2017

89.51%_match: Andres Serrano "Blood", 7

90.51%_match: Reinhard Gorner "The Long Room", 2015

89.84%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

87.36%_match: Tom Burrows "Velvet Asity 2", Date unknown

88.95%_match: Tom Burrows "Worsted", 2017

86.06%_match: Francesco Guardi "The Bacino di San Marco, Venice, on Ascension Day, with the Bucintoro leaving for San Nicolò del Lido", Date unknown

91.34%_match: Myer Myers "Spoon", 1770

88.75%_match: Max Ernst "Cover from Let There Be Fashion, Down with Art (Fiat modes pereat ars)", 0

90.63%_match: Eduardo Paolozzi "Untitled from Moonstrips Empire News", 7

87.01%_match: Marco Breuer "Pan (C-250)", 3

89.18%_match: Nisha "Helpless", 2016

91.67%_match: Betsy Kaufman "no. 21", 2009

90.36%_match: Eason Tsang Ka Wai "Landmark No. 4", 2012

90.87%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Forked Series #32", 2014

88.00%_match: Penelope Umbrico "Weston with BluePlastic PopArt and Lightleak (IMG_0024), from Range: of Masters of Photography", 2014

87.40%_match: Howard Hersh "Skin Deep 16-2", 2016

90.68%_match: Mario Reis "Salmon River, Idaho", Date unknown

89.50%_match: Ludwig Sander "Summer", 1961

88.08%_match: Umberto Mariani "Senza titolo", 2017

86.68%_match: Ruth Pastine ""Blue Orange 2-S4848 (Blue Deep)" Sense Certainty Series", 2014

90.49%_match: Faith Ringgold "The People's Flag Show", 1

89.72%_match: Kemal Seyhan "Meditation", 2016

86.44%_match: Richard Garet "perceptual series, listen", 2015

90.33%_match: Gale Hart "Chain Link", 2017

88.87%_match: Joseph Kosuth "J.J.(F.W: #11) [violet]", 2009

90.24%_match: CHEN WAN-JEN "The Reflecting Point of Mr. Bill", 2017

86.10%_match: Lena Daly "Re-Charge Battery", 2015

86.91%_match: Bastienne Schmidt "Untitled, Topos", 2013

93.61%_match: Heinz Mack "Lichtrelief", 1961

89.06%_match: Hans Sebald Beham "St. Hieronymus am Torbogen – St. Jerome by the Arch", 1520

90.18%_match: Larry Bell "Untitled", 1978

89.93%_match: Bao Ting "The night of the space", 2016

89.89%_match: Wojtek Wieteska "Untitled (#1-2 from the series "N.Y.C #02")", 2002

84.72%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

87.83%_match: Anda Kubis "Efflorescence", 2014

87.65%_match: Orfeo Quagliata "Barcode Screen", 2009

89.56%_match: Scott Ingram "Latex Dreams", 2016

90.63%_match: Thomas Ruff "Newspaper Photograph 071, 22h 24m / -20°", 2002

90.25%_match: Titus Kaphar "The Jerome Project (Asphalt and Chalk) XVI", 5

87.41%_match: Luis-Fernando Suárez "58 Degrees Celscius on the Sahara Desert", 2014

91.95%_match: Richard Serra "Weight I", 2009

90.36%_match: Larry Bell "Untitled", 1978

87.03%_match: Rey Parla "Interchangeable Parts", 2016