All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

90.47%_match: Dave Theurer "Tempest", 1

84.35%_match: Sarah Thibault "<3, <3, <3", 2015

89.48%_match: Cayla Birk. "Birktone Series: BOWIE", 2017

86.12%_match: Christophe Von Hohenberg "Andy Warhol Memorial, 1987: Fashion Designer Steven Sprouse with Singer Deborah Harry (Blondie)", 2017

88.47%_match: He Wei "Psycho 37", 2016

86.61%_match: F&D Cartier "Veni Etiam 2298 v", 2010

86.32%_match: Dana Hart-Stone "Boy Girl Boy Girl", 2010

91.67%_match: Umberto Mariani "Senza titolo", 2017

89.43%_match: Sergio Lucena "Pintura N° 15", 2011

81.07%_match: Casey Cripe "Networks (1)", 2015

88.59%_match: Motonao Takasaki "Apparatus", 1957

86.46%_match: Paul Cary Goldberg "Still Life with Bread and Red Onion ", Date unknown

90.82%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018

90.57%_match: Sherry Wiggins "Out of India #8", 2015

87.78%_match: Gabriele Evertz "Green, Dark Passage Series", 2013

88.56%_match: Katharina Fritsch "Figure in the Garden", 2

91.63%_match: Seth Cameron "No. 1", 2017

85.49%_match: Almandrade in 1991-2017 "To see and not to see", Date unknown

88.45%_match: Bastienne Schmidt "Untitled, Topos", 2013

86.12%_match: Volodymyr Budnikov "Untitled", 2011

93.56%_match: Taek Sang Kim "Breathing Light - Purple in Violet", 2017

91.37%_match: Cindy Ng Sio Ieng 吴少英 in 2013 -2014 "Ink 8", Date unknown

93.84%_match: Felix Burger "from the series Weißer Zwerg", 2016

87.69%_match: Edda Renouf "Dawn Letter-3", 2013

89.91%_match: Fred Sandback "Untitled from Series of Twenty-two Photostats", 2

83.55%_match: Jessica Hess "The Sunset II", 2013

87.51%_match: Dieter Roth "Plate (folio 15) from Book AC", 8

87.17%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842