All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

87.66%_match: Achille-Etna Michallon "Waterfall at Mont-Dore", 1818

90.61%_match: Penelope Umbrico "Moving Mountains: Aperture Spring Party (#56)", 2015

90.42%_match: Din Matamoro "Untitled", 2016

87.60%_match: Werner Machnik "Flight attendant uniforms, Lufthansa", 1970

92.79%_match: Jeff Kellar "Reveal 7", 2017

85.65%_match: Walter Battiss "Erotic Dismemberment", Date unknown

82.88%_match: Byron Kim "Goryeo Green Glaze #1", Date unknown

87.42%_match: David Diao "Malevich in Sweden 1", 2011

88.65%_match: Michael Morris "Boxed Venus", 1967

84.78%_match: Viktor Farro "Inside Outside Triptych", 2017

94.39%_match: Sung Won Hong "Mimesis III", 2016

92.70%_match: Gloria Friedmann "Nightfall", 1988

93.20%_match: Richard Serra "Mandela", 2012

87.04%_match: Egemen Tuncer "Shutter #13", 2014

86.27%_match: Stephen Walling "Another Part of the Forest", 2015

94.67%_match: Eric Pesso "Continuum #1", 2012

91.28%_match: Sohan Qadri "Agni V", 2008

93.65%_match: Kentaro Baba "L'autunno 004", 2007

95.07%_match: Manuel Cosentino "Behind A Little House (F)", 2009

89.37%_match: Philip Pocock "Or Let Me Be Silent", 1991

90.53%_match: Sérgio Sister "Terceiro Fundo 15", 2013

88.85%_match: David Drebin "I Love You, I Love You, I Love You", 2013

92.37%_match: Gary Hume "1000 Windows ", 2013

90.98%_match: Antonio Scaccabarozzi "Prevalenze", 1976

84.74%_match: Ruth Pastine ""Blue Orange 2-S4848 (Blue Deep)" Sense Certainty Series", 2014

90.50%_match: Uta Barth in 1979-1982 / 2010 "Untitled # 5", Date unknown

89.81%_match: Byron Kim "Layl almadina (Halo 1)", 2015

86.07%_match: Mychael Barratt "Yves Klein's Dog", Date unknown

91.99%_match: Andy Warhol "Flash - November 22, 1963 (See F. & S. II.35)", 1968

87.33%_match: Hsiao Chin 蕭勤 "Towards the Eternal Garden", 1992

87.58%_match: Katsushika Hokusai "Untitled", 1833

90.64%_match: Liao Fei 廖斐 "Perspective: slope ", 2016

89.39%_match: Eduardo Paolozzi "Untitled from Moonstrips Empire News", 7

89.23%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Couleur Additive Denise A", 2007

94.94%_match: Raimund Girke "Untitled", 1980

90.69%_match: Fred Sandback "Untitled from Series of Twenty-two Photostats", 2

84.46%_match: Le Brothers "Ho Chi Minh #2 from Red Project ", 2013

89.02%_match: Caroline Blum "The Grind", 2017

94.25%_match: I-Chen Kuo "Snap shadow", 2013

92.83%_match: Carol Miller Frost "Dusk", 2013

86.35%_match: Matthew Ryan Herget ""blue portal"", 2016

87.38%_match: Abdoulaye Konaté "Jaune or soleil", 2017

89.30%_match: Paul Graham in November 11-15-2015 "Paris", Date unknown

89.49%_match: Kim Hyun Sik "Who Likes Red and Blue", 2013

89.70%_match: Wei Xiaoguang 魏晓光 "6 Grapes", 2015

86.90%_match: Shen Chen "Untitled No.10044-11 ", 2011

87.97%_match: Porfirio DiDonna "Untitled (pdn69)", 1975

89.71%_match: Sergio Hernandez "Rayuela", 1981

86.60%_match: Axel Crieger "Betty", Date unknown

89.42%_match: Pino Manos "Sincronico rosso fuoco", 2015

89.28%_match: Koichi Sato "Dress of Japan "Seisei-an"", 7

84.39%_match: Lloyd Martin "Course", 2009

88.28%_match: Jurian Blanck Jr. "Spoon", 1690

91.90%_match: Nonotak "MASKS N°13 DIVIDE EDITION", 2014

90.87%_match: Patricia Olynyk "Isomorphic Extention I", 2008

92.09%_match: Nao Tamura "Flow(T)", 2013