All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

88.25%_match: Ruth Pastine ""Blue Orange 2-S4848 (Blue Deep)" Sense Certainty Series", 2014

92.91%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

88.33%_match: Gary Pearson "Where The Light Comes In", 2008

90.24%_match: Alberto Goldenstein "Untitled", Date unknown

88.82%_match: François Bucher & Lina López "“Sol”", 2015

87.49%_match: Ron Pippin "Rescue Voyage", 2015

88.24%_match: Ralph Steiner "American Rural Baroque", 0

86.94%_match: Félix Lazo "[989] Autopoietic System unique Print 03", 2016

90.43%_match: Paul Graham in November 11-15-2015 "Paris", Date unknown

91.49%_match: Anne-Karin Furunes "Portrait from Archives / I", 2016

90.19%_match: Sharon Lockhart "Goshogaoka", 7

90.21%_match: Yoo Seungho "the ball", 2017

88.50%_match: Robert Motelski ""Campfire 18 June 22:55" ", 2015

86.82%_match: Kim Schoen "Hawaii(23)", 2017

91.88%_match: Antonin Fourneau "Waterlight Graffiti", Date unknown

89.81%_match: Thomas Sleet "TRACE ID", 2006

83.98%_match: Hans Coper "Pot with four indents and cylindrical foot", 1975

88.00%_match: Matt Clark "Deliberation is born of joy ", 2017

89.64%_match: Friederike von Rauch "ROOSENBERG 16", 2015

88.31%_match: Mary Ellen Bartley "Blue Waters, Black Depths", 2010

88.23%_match: Marcel Duchamp "The Continuum from À l'Infinitif (La Boîte Blanche) (In the Infinitive [The White Box])", 2

86.79%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

90.25%_match: Leon Berkowitz "Fall of Red", 1986

85.93%_match: Siyon JIN "Flow 3-4", 2012

87.78%_match: Anne Lindberg "barn in the distance", 2016

87.51%_match: Mathias Schmied "Such a Perfect Day", 2017

86.34%_match: Kyong Lee "Embarrassed", 2013

91.12%_match: Antonio Mesones "S/T", 2015

91.88%_match: Jim Campbell "Data Transformation 1", 2017

88.33%_match: Yves Ullens "Square Variation #1 1-1", 2015

87.67%_match: Juan Roberto Diago "La Herida/The Hurt", 2015

87.60%_match: Yayoi Kusama "Upward Vision (No. 1)", 1953

90.40%_match: Richard Serra "Level V", 2013

87.85%_match: Sohan Qadri "Prana VI", 2006

85.69%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation #11", 2016

86.17%_match: Julian Martin "Untitled (Abstract shapes)", 2014

89.44%_match: Taek Sang Kim "Breathing Light - Deep Violet", 2016

86.03%_match: Pierre Dorion "Shade III", Date unknown

89.50%_match: Federico Solmi "American Circus - The Next President of the United States of America", 2014

88.51%_match: Henry Codax "Untitled (Lime)", 2016

87.87%_match: Anish Kapoor "Shadow III 9", 2016

88.56%_match: Dale Frank "Sitting in his new twin cab ute in the Barrington Tops National Park he took the whole bottle of pills", 2014

90.23%_match: Les Crayons Noirs "Felipe Yung Signature, from the "Bombe" series", 2011

91.56%_match: Anish Kapoor "Green Shadow, Untitled 4", 2011

91.47%_match: Miya Ando "Black Grey", 2017

88.98%_match: Lennart Lahuis "Hyper complication (145 parts)", 2016

88.79%_match: Steve Reinke "Speculative Anthropology from The Hundred Videos", 1

91.06%_match: Luce Meunier "Sans-titre 2", 2015

88.24%_match: Su Yi "PH-Strip Framework", 2015

86.61%_match: Lucio Fontana "Concetto speziale, Attese", Date unknown

87.38%_match: Marc Ross "Little Circumstance No. 2", 2014

87.88%_match: David Whitaker "5 Over 8", 1970

86.05%_match: Peter Lodato "Vermillion #2", 2017

87.39%_match: Kate Shepherd "Protest Violet", 2016

89.82%_match: Patrizia della Porta "Berlin Jewish Museum, variation#39", Date unknown

83.74%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

90.70%_match: Pietro Roccasalva "Imprimitura (D'Apres Giacomo Balla, Mercurio transita davanti al sole)", 2016

89.18%_match: Detanico Lain "Quanta Cor, Bleu", 2016

86.26%_match: Jan Groover "Untitled", 1979

85.45%_match: Raphael Lamar West "A Seated Male Nude with His Hands Crossed over His Head", Date unknown

88.07%_match: Fred Sandback "Untitled from Series of Twenty-two Photostats", 2

90.72%_match: Stephen Antonakos "Unttiled Drawing, A#12", 1987