All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

93.94%_match: Michael Biberstein ""Shift 3"", Date unknown

91.79%_match: Claudio Olivieri ""Etimi"", 1977

91.04%_match: Lori Hersberger "STAY", 2003

89.22%_match: Joshua Hagler "Ash on Water, Nightlike Brother", 2017

88.16%_match: José Guadalupe Posada|Antonio Vanegas Arroyo|Manuel Manilla "The pantheon of all the skeletons who are eating and drinking in a cemetery (Posada); flanked by skeletons holding scythes (Manilla)", 1905

96.97%_match: Bernadette Jiyong Frank "White Veil #3", 2015

89.72%_match: Giuseppe De Mattia "Dust Collector - Roma #3", 2016

86.63%_match: Olivier Mosset "Number 0 From a series of 0 to 9 on cyan color", 2006

99.50%_match: Roy Thurston "90-4", 1990

92.29%_match: Heimo Zobernig "Untitled", 1988

93.03%_match: Mark Grotjahn "Untitled (Red Butterfly V 755)", 2008

88.76%_match: Adriana Carambia "Red on Red", 2015