All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

87.58%_match: Perle "Fenty", 2017

96.30%_match: Andrea Walsh "Contained box", 2017

86.57%_match: Blaž Kutin "Metamorphosis, #16", 2013

90.51%_match: Piero Dorazio "Slim & dark", 1990

89.26%_match: Nick Terry "Untitled", 2013

89.26%_match: Judy Ledgerwood "Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation - Red", 2014

89.45%_match: Philippe Segeral "Nue Ardente", 2009

91.03%_match: Agnė Jonkutė ""Images of Invisibles II"", 2013

87.28%_match: Jan Dibbets "Orange with white stripe", 2012

86.72%_match: Lakshmi Mohanbabu "Bald Beautiful", 2017

84.17%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

91.33%_match: Shiomi Masanari "竹林蒔絵印籠 銘「塩見政誠」|Inrō with Bamboo Grove", 1833

88.94%_match: Yves Ullens "Square Variation #1 1-3", 2015

86.00%_match: Brian Hollister "Watchman", 2014

92.72%_match: Tacita Dean "FILM", 2011

91.15%_match: FORT "One in a Million", 2015

88.87%_match: Marco Casentini "Grand Junction No.2", 2010

83.67%_match: Betsy Kaufman "no. 21", 2009

92.65%_match: Xavier Dumoulin "Une île", 2011

87.42%_match: Wlademir Dias-Pino in 1973-2016 "Concept-Poem", Date unknown

89.30%_match: Jean-François Millet "Two Women Sewing by Lamplight", 1858

96.34%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

89.60%_match: Daniel Joseph Martinez "Barotse Patriotic Front (from the series Divine Violence)", 2007

89.57%_match: Michael Dailey "Seascape", 1982

94.66%_match: Ross Bleckner "November 29th", 2016

88.09%_match: Lyonel Feininger "Marine, I", 1

90.02%_match: Imanol Marrodán "E.L 14 ", 2006

92.17%_match: Béatrice Casadesus ""Flamboyant" Toile libre", 2017