All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

89.30%_match: Eric Dever "NSIBTW 34", 2014

88.89%_match: Zander Blom "Untitled [1.921]", 2017

91.57%_match: Luciana Lamothe "Untitled", 2013

93.08%_match: Michel Campeau in 2008-2011 "Variations chromatiques_inactiniques_Series 1A", Date unknown

92.71%_match: David Serisier "Untitled Yellow and Yellow Green Painting", 2010

92.55%_match: Zhang Liaoyuan "1080P", 2009

89.33%_match: Steven Hull in 2015-2017 "Is the Moon Bright Enough?", Date unknown

98.78%_match: Barnett Newman "Midnight Blue", Date unknown

86.88%_match: Chamoun Chaouki "Blue and Love", 2017

85.69%_match: Mikael Olsson "FK 05.2004", 2004