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Adam Basanta

90.93%_match: Taysir Batniji "Drone 2", 2015

86.91%_match: MAK "Blue Marilyn Triptych", 2017

87.98%_match: Geert van Fastenhout "Painting No. 5 - 1988", 1988

89.72%_match: Ben Kinmont "Gastronomie from Antinomian Press Archive", 9

91.53%_match: Byron Kim "Layl almadina (Halo 1)", 2015

87.30%_match: Maria Morganti "Sedimentazione 2006 #53, Venezia", 2006

92.94%_match: Thomas Sully "Seven Figure Sketches: Standing Female Nude with Fruit; Madonna and Child (?); Two Female Busts; Recumbent Semi-nude Figure, etc. (from Sketchbook)", 1820

87.24%_match: Félix Lazo "[989] Autopoietic System unique Print 03", 2016

89.88%_match: Egemen Tuncer "Shutter #4", 2014

90.75%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez "Physichromie 2303", 1993

88.55%_match: Ned Armstrong "Aperitif Aperiture", 2017

92.51%_match: Sophia Wallace "Until She Is Free", 2016

91.57%_match: Karl Benjamin "#12, 1980", 1980

86.58%_match: Margery Goldberg "Art Deco Furniture (Commissioned) (dimensions are estimated totals for both pieces)", Date unknown

89.41%_match: Bao Ting "The night of the space", 2016

89.87%_match: Hans Hartung "T 1981 K3", 1981

88.67%_match: Paul Fägerskiöld "Untitled", 2016

90.96%_match: Edward Quist "Switch Code Diptych", 2013

91.91%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation #6", 2016

86.49%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Ultramarine", 2016

87.38%_match: Neil Raitt "Alpine (Scream Green)", 2015

87.52%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation 8", 2012

89.64%_match: Jesús Rafael Soto "Gran vibración del azul y del negro", 1972

91.07%_match: Clarissa Bonet "Perpetual Shadow", 2014

90.25%_match: JORGE MOLDER "Não tem que me contar seja o que for", 2006

90.58%_match: John Pomara "Blu-Rain", 2018

90.70%_match: Carlos Cruz-Diez in 1964-2015 "Cromointerferencia Espacial 19", Date unknown

88.79%_match: Macarena Ruiz-Tagle "Atmosphera B.01.09.2014.001 ", Date unknown

90.64%_match: Tim Kowalczyk "Pilot Marker - No Cap (Black)", 2017

89.23%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Ultramarine #05-16-04", 2016

89.61%_match: P Gnana "The Light of Darkness", 2016

90.25%_match: Lothar Charoux "Vibration", 1970

91.85%_match: Sebastian Riemer in 2005-2006 "Autobahn portrait 18", Date unknown

88.61%_match: Bäst "Strap Hanger", 2012

87.34%_match: David Nash "Triangle Sphere Cube", 2015

85.03%_match: Richard Prince "Untitled (Tamara), from the Entertainers series", 1982

91.99%_match: Kadara Enyeasi "Head", 2017

87.38%_match: Sara Mata "Pantone: verde lluvioso - Pantone: rainy green", 2017

87.23%_match: Sherry Wiggins "Out of India #8", 2015

90.06%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Vibratese", 2016

89.30%_match: Albert Bernard|André Marty "The Visitor (La Visiteuse) (L'Intruse / The Intruder)", 1893

88.32%_match: Josef Sudek "Glasses and Eggs", 1951

86.35%_match: Su Yi "PH-Strip Framework", 2015

88.60%_match: Roberto Bernardi "Il Sorriso del poeta", 2011

91.50%_match: Gene Davis "Sonata", 1980

86.75%_match: Lee Soon "Frame City #018", 2017

87.68%_match: Cathy Choi "M1702", 2017

89.27%_match: Franz Manata in 2009-2012 "COLORBARS", Date unknown

90.68%_match: Cesar González "Infrarrojo-Ultravioleta", 2015

95.02%_match: Manit Sriwanichpoom "King Rama IX", 2014

92.45%_match: Peter Arnell "Atlantic Ocean Miami Beach", 2013

89.33%_match: Sarah Brayer "Coming Into Light", 2017

89.27%_match: Ruth Pastine "Blue Orange 14-S6060 (Violet Blue Deep), Interplay Series", 2013

89.74%_match: James Welling "IG10", 2005

93.08%_match: Taek Sang Kim "Breathing Light - Red in Red", 2017

90.66%_match: Natalie Baxter "America Was Great", Date unknown

91.34%_match: Kang Haitao 康海涛 "House 2 房子2", 2017

89.39%_match: Tom Burrows "Astraptes", Date unknown

88.66%_match: Lin Jingjing "This is the Beginning of My Desperation No. 3 ", 2017

92.49%_match: Johl Dwyer "Dolph", 2015

88.43%_match: Guido Argentini "Untitled 26", 2016

91.94%_match: Brian Eno "Glass", 2016

91.43%_match: Lisa Grossman "Earth Shadow 5", 2014

88.32%_match: Cara Weston "Yesterday, Italy", 2015

85.23%_match: Lola "The Grass is Green", 2017

83.66%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

94.78%_match: Jason Karolak "Untitled (P-1662)", 2016

94.98%_match: Stefana McClure "La Luxure: English subtitles to a film by Jacques Demy", 2002

95.70%_match: Sergio Hernandez "Rayuela", 1981

92.11%_match: Siyon JIN "Flow 3-4", 2012

87.17%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

87.57%_match: Crista Pisano "Cloudy Hill", 2011

91.88%_match: Miguel Chevalier "The Thinker 3 - Body Voxels", 2013

91.69%_match: Mark Rothko "No. 4", 1964

91.71%_match: Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer "Ivy and Stalactites", 1892

86.04%_match: Ulrich Erben "Inside", 2015

88.36%_match: Shepard Fairey "Decoding Information (Black & Cream)", 2015

92.78%_match: Jason Karolak "Untitled (P-1662)", 2016

91.08%_match: Olivo Barbieri in 2006-2007 "The Waterfall Project (OB-TAV XXIII, TWP, Iguazu, Argentina / Brazil) ", Date unknown

88.92%_match: Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima "EM ANDAMENTO", 2007

88.30%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Seismic Gloss", 2017

90.89%_match: Thomas Wachholz "YELLOW 0/0/100/0", 2015

85.21%_match: Tom Burrows "Liv Glacier", Date unknown

89.71%_match: Carl Suddath "untitled", 2015

93.52%_match: Marie Lannoo "In The Magnetic Field #23", 2012

91.32%_match: Lea Lublin "Mon fils", 1968

88.49%_match: Zeno CHEN "Big Apple 大蘋果(亞當與夏娃)", 2015

87.36%_match: Kasimir Severinovich Malevich in 1918-1988 "Suprematist Tea Service (Limited Edition with signed COA)", Date unknown

92.48%_match: Zeke Berman "To and From", 0

86.84%_match: Unknown artist "Shield", 1727

93.38%_match: Cassio Michalany "Sem título", 1982

90.74%_match: Unknown artist "Untitled", 1899

87.53%_match: Lin Jingjing "This is the Beginning of My Desperation No. 12", 2017

90.43%_match: Ry David Bradley "ADD-PAINTING-(17-5-2016-18-55-03)", 2016

89.07%_match: Tomàs Sunyol "Travels nº 30", Date unknown

90.39%_match: Lisa Solberg "MLSL_11_Bunny", 2015

92.50%_match: Juan Uribe "From the series "Art is our Business"", 2016

91.39%_match: Unknown artist "Carpet", 1699

85.85%_match: Fiona Banner "The Complete Text of Snoopy’s Novel: Filed Under Greatness (2) Reading (7)", 2011

86.23%_match: Unknown artist "Cabinet on stand", 1705
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