All we'd ever need is one another

Adam Basanta

88.21%_match: Rinko Kawauchi "Untitled, from the portfolio 4%", 2013

89.36%_match: Brian Eno "Small Craft", 2016

93.18%_match: Richard Serra "Weight II", 2009

88.18%_match: Laurent Elie Badessi "Fragments 8 ", Date unknown

91.55%_match: Gabriel Wickbold "Better naked than yours #15 Stage", Date unknown

92.85%_match: Victor Vasarely "WOO 75", 1975

85.18%_match: Matthew Langley "Flare", 2015

88.19%_match: Freddy Chandra "Eclipse", 2011

92.51%_match: Sophy Rickett "Bamboo, Kasama", 2003

89.36%_match: John Knuth "Mount Low", 2016

88.27%_match: Rafaël Rozendaal "Into Time 14-08-05", 2014

96.48%_match: Richard Serra "Weight VI", 2013

90.70%_match: Dieter Roth "Whipping-Tops (Kreisel) from Popular Music 1 (Unterhaltungsmusik 1)", 6

94.15%_match: Barnett Newman "Vir Heroicus Sublimis", 1950

89.20%_match: Betty Merken "Illumination, Green", 2016

89.93%_match: Michael Reisch "Untitled, 8/005", 2011

87.52%_match: Enrique Ramírez "The kingdom of Chile", 2015

86.65%_match: Mika Tajima "Emotion Commune, 1 and Emotion Commune, 2", 2017

91.80%_match: Adam Jeppesen "Work no.11 (the pond)", 2017

90.47%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

92.45%_match: Friederike von Rauch "ROOSENBERG 16", 2015

94.97%_match: Liss LaFleur "You Belong to Me", 2015

88.58%_match: Leon Berkowitz "I Thou II", 1976

86.61%_match: Felipe Pantone "Planned Iridescence 19", 2017

89.50%_match: William Betts "Flash", 2010

90.99%_match: Nicholas Nixon "View of the Old State House at Faneuil Hall, Boston", 8

91.30%_match: Liverpool "Cylindrical vase", 1775

88.89%_match: Roy Lichtenstein "'art of the sixties'", 1979

91.38%_match: Martin Rondeau "Beautiful Lips II", 2017

94.75%_match: Purdy Eaton "Salty Tear Blue", 2016

88.32%_match: Garry Fabian Miller "Last Evenings, April", 2008

85.34%_match: Jeanie Gooden "I Believe in Blue", 2017

88.66%_match: Leo Villareal "Flag", 2008

87.83%_match: Gary Hume "1000 Windows ", 2013

92.16%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Sonic Surf", 2016

87.41%_match: Khalid Bin Afif "The World", 2016

86.25%_match: Ti-Rock Moore "Your Blues Ain't Like Mine ", 2017

89.52%_match: Heidi Spector "Living Off the Wall II", 2012

90.32%_match: Boo Saville "Abstract #27", 2017

86.58%_match: Cathy Choi "M1705", 2017

86.20%_match: Ewoud De Groot "Wading Elk 4 ", Date unknown

89.96%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Forked Series #35", 2016

89.81%_match: Kitikong Tilokwattanotai "Blue Series 03", 2017

93.34%_match: Marc Ross "Law of Chance No. 3", 2016

89.82%_match: Zhang Zhenyu 张震宇 "Untitled", 2017

92.47%_match: Wang Yi 王一 "Overlapping-2017", 2017

90.15%_match: Jim Hodges in 2005-2008 "and still this", Date unknown

93.40%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Pertubation Conflagration", 2017

93.13%_match: Sol LeWitt "Untitled", 4

88.13%_match: Barnett Newman "The Moment", 1966

93.16%_match: Michael Toole "Refracted", 2017

92.48%_match: Hyo Myoung Kim "Scan 014", 2014

88.53%_match: Francis Celentano "Alpha Red Alternates", 1969

89.70%_match: Christiane Baumgartner "Gelände V", 2010

90.16%_match: Kate Shepherd "Television ", 2016

93.75%_match: Francisca Sutil "Transcending", 2002

89.11%_match: Ludwig Sander "Untitled", 1970

93.75%_match: Francisca Sutil "Transcending", 2002

89.63%_match: Isabel Bigelow "heat drop", 2015

91.37%_match: Tapp Francke "Fuschia Fandango", Date unknown

92.97%_match: Alex Cerveny "Paracas/Nazca", 2009

92.75%_match: Lance Letscher "Katakura #2", 2017

87.52%_match: Anish Kapoor "Shadow IV", 2011

87.01%_match: an unknown artist in 1950-1980 "Woman's Wrapper", Date unknown

91.69%_match: Nanki Otokoyama "Untitled", 1860

89.50%_match: Susan Schwalb "Quartet #4", 2016

91.46%_match: Tracey Emin "My Favourite Little Bird", 2015

87.87%_match: Trong Gia Nguyen "The Doors (2)", 2013

93.09%_match: Scott Lawrence "The Magic of Believing (Black II)", 2012

87.24%_match: Jason Martin "Yet untitled (Quinacridone magenta)", 2017

90.89%_match: Luciana Lamothe "Untitled", 2013

95.06%_match: Jan Kuck "What if we are asking the wrong questions?", 2017

89.63%_match: Cheng Hsun Li "For me in the Future", 2009

90.89%_match: Luciana Lamothe "Untitled", 2013

89.05%_match: Fabio Barile "Homage to James Hutton #9", 2013

89.29%_match: Trevor Vickers "Untitled", 2014

90.37%_match: Jules Olitski "Graphic Suite II (Blush)", 1918

87.35%_match: Benoit Platéus "Page 66", 2010

87.24%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

90.49%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Emptiness", 2007

90.61%_match: Todd Hido "Untitled 11386-2266", 2014

90.46%_match: Ansel Adams "Church and Road, Bodega, California", 1953

91.80%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Untitled 1031", 2016

88.11%_match: Mala Breuer "Untitled Red (1979)", 1979

85.53%_match: Vincent van Gogh "Bridge in the Rain (After Hiroshige)", 1887

85.53%_match: Vincent van Gogh "Bridge in the Rain (After Hiroshige)", 1887

90.42%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Fibranomic", 2017

89.40%_match: Nejat Sati "Structure 92", 2014

85.06%_match: Umberto Mariani "Senza titolo", 2017

96.46%_match: Sherry Wiggins "Out of India #8", 2015

91.63%_match: April Friges "Untitled Color 0315", 2015

87.87%_match: Byron Kim "Layl almadina (Halo 1)", 2015

95.17%_match: Viktor Farro "Rope", 2017

93.87%_match: Zeynep Kayan "Black&White", 2010

86.97%_match: Anatoly Gankevich "Noontime ", 2014

88.95%_match: Ana Mercedes Hoyos "Ventana", 1975

89.30%_match: Gerardo Montiel Klint in 2014-2017 "Flowers and Ammonia", Date unknown

86.63%_match: Boo Saville "Abstract #30", 2017

88.92%_match: Assaf Shaham "FR (90 DEG from left to right)", 2012

88.06%_match: Stephen Mallon "Weeks 533", Date unknown
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